Poolville Farmers Market
April 17, 2017, 10:00-Noon

Brighten your Saturday with a visit to the Poolville Farmers Market. Our local farmers have lots to choose from to make your meals special. Come shop for food, socialize with friends, enjoy a coffee and treat at the cafe, see Susan's flock, and even, perhaps, go home with a chicken portrait. They're
  • fun!
  • personable!
  • colorful!
  • affordable!
  • sure to make you smile!
  • make great gifts (for yourself too)!
  • and, best of all, the sales benefit the Poolville Community Center!!!

This is the last indoor winter market of the season in Poolville. We hope to see you there!


7484 Willey Road, County Hwy. 88, Poolville, NY.

5.5 miles from Hamilton, NY